My name is Maren Smay. I live in Littleton, CO with my husband and two daughters. I enjoy long walks and exploring the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado with my family. I am passionate about art and expressing myself creatively!

Artist Statement:

Change. It is a part of life. Some change is unavoidable like the changing of the seasons, but other change comes like a crossroads giving us the choice to turn into it or to continue on. Authentic change requires us to intentionally and humbly examine how we feel about God, ourselves, and others. My artwork portrays possibility and hope that life can change. It invites viewers to look beyond the status quo of their lives to see what else is possible. It provokes them to lean into change and to ask the hard questions that can lead to self actualization. 


   I am an abstract artist working with acrylics on canvas while sometimes incorporating materials like fabric and paper. My process begins with a vague picture in my head that is usually inspired by a line from a song or a quote from Scripture. I work quickly and intuitively, often painting a layer just to scrape it away and start again until it feels right.